Maserati Showroom

Maserati have opened up a new showroom, which is great news for people like me, who can’t even afford a second hand Dacia Logan. They held a special launch event on Friday at the showroom which is based in Oxford, where it invited guests and some of the big cheeses from Maserati North Europe.

Big deal, the only people I car about making an appearance are Mr Maserati GranTurismo, or Mr Maserati Quattroporte, my favourite Italians, behind Sylvester Stallone. At the launch the quests were given a look at all the luxury sports cars that Maserati has to offer, and I can confirm that the whole range was in fact there, like an Italian orgy of metal and power. To stop the event from descending into muscle car madness, Maserati balanced the event out with a classical Harpist and a champagne reception. Even though I imagine driving a Maserati to be more like shotting ethanol and listening to dubstep.

The Region Manager for Maserati North Europe spoke on what will be a landmark year for the manufacturer, after having its best year in terms of car sales, and introducing the Maserati Ghibli which is their only car that can be bought for under £50,000.